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Pennsic Classes 2017

Classes I am teaching this Pennsic, just click on a link to view the handouts.

Dead Men Walking – on fear of the walking dead in the Middle Ages and the methods used to prevent the dead from coming back, based on archaeological evidence, with reconstructions of these atypical burials as visual aides.

Baba Yaga – on Baba Yaga. The handout has updated references

Fairy Tale and Legend Workshop and Composition in Performance – discussion of composition in performance as a period storytelling technique and summary of V. Propp’s structural analysis of the magic folktales. This is a two hour workshop, participants in the workshop will create a fairy tale, and, if time allows, a legend.

Writing Commedia Scenarios – a two hour workshop dedicated to writing scenarios based on sixteenth century models which are suitable for modern troupes and audiences.


Decoding Embroidery

Slowly but surely, uploading my class handouts:

Decoding Russian and Ukrainian Embroidery – a class dedicated to common motifs in Slavic embroidery, and their meaning. Discusses common motifs and symbols, their origins and change over time. I first taught a very early version of this class, I think in 2006, and have been teaching it intermittently at Pennsic, usually in conjunction with Pagan Beliefs in Pre-Christian Russia. I have also taught it at May 2017 BMDL Fiber Guild meeting, and will be teaching it at 2017 Aethelmearc War Practice.

Catching up!

I have a lot of catching up to do – I still have class handouts and scenarios to upload, but first I will upload all of my Ice Dragon 2017 documentation. I had seven entries, and got really carried away with documenting, so there is a lot, but I hope to be done within a week. You can check out the Ice Dragon 2017 tab above!