Compleat Anachronist # 172: Characters and Scenarios of Early Commedia dell’Arte

It’s finally written, edited, edited, more edited, printed, bound, mailed and received!

If you want a hard copy, and you are a CA subscriber, you already probably have one! If you are not a subscriber, and want a copy, order from the website. If you are quite content with a digital document, you can find it here:

Compleat Anachronist 172 : Characters and Scenarios of Early Commedia dell’Arte

It does not quite give you the experience of holding the booklet in your hands, but it’s good enough! For those of you who want to enhance your digital experience by looking at the cover of the CA first, here is the cover art and the link to the actual cover is below:

CA ink

CA 172 cover

The drawing was done on cream paper with walnut ink, based on the Recueil Fossard engravings form mid 1580’s.



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