Pennsic 2016….

Greatest Pennsic 2016 accomplishment – not getting a heat stroke.

Less significant, but still very happy about: taught four classes:  Baba-Yaga, the Fairy Tale and Legend Workshop, Vampires – Separating Fiction from Fiction, and Writing Scenarios for Commedia dell’Arte.

The classes went very well, but there is always room for improvement. Next year will  separate the section on vampire burials out of the main class,  as I have too much information to cram it into my vampire handout.

Will need to rework the Scenario writing class as well. I requested a one hour time slot for it, and it is plenty for the scenario writing part. However, I did not count on students wanting more information on the history of commedia and characters in period. Next year, I will have to teach it as a two hour class, like my Fairy Tale workshop, or separate it into two classes, and teach them back to back (even though it will eat into my four class limit with Pennsic University, unless I find another venue….)

All the Pennsic 2016 handouts are uploaded, the Scenario class does not have a separate handout, as I am using the Compleat Anachronist 172.

Also, I saw my scenarii performed by I Genesii ( A Dutiful Daughter, with TRMs of Aethelmearc Byron and Ariella and Princess Leah as very special guests!)  and by Pennsic All-Stars (Three weddings and a funeral).

Posted scenarios to follow!

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