Things (Doing and Done)

From Luceta – this is so out of date, it’s not even funny. will try to update at some point, meanwhile, i am trying to keep current the scenarios and handout pages.



From  Angus MacDougal of the Debatable Lands

Lucetta has been active in the SCA since 2002.  I’ve found that it’s getting hard to keep track of all the things she’s done, and the material she’s produced.  I’ve been actively encouraging her to make all of her material easily available, and I’m slowly helping her to achieve that goal.  I put together this list to help.  I know that she’s taught 3-4 classes every year at Pennsic, covering varied topics since 2005.

Things She’s Done



  1. BMDL Champion Archery Shoot (Based on the period Aberdeen Bestiary 2002)
  2. Archery Targets in the period style (2008)
  3. Period War practice Targets (2012)
  4. Period Archery Targets entered in Pennsic A&S display (2009)
  5. Period Targets for Youth Championship
  6. Period Targets for Clout Shoot

Bardic Arts

  • BMDL Baronial Bardic Champion (2005-2006) (byliny)


  • Pale leech Pennsic 2006, 2007

Commedia dell’arte done in the Period Style

  1. Class: An introduction to Commedia dell’arte: Methods, Modes, and Mechanisms (Pennsic 2011-2013, War Practice 2012)
  2. Class: Writing Scenarios for Commedia dell’arte:  The Structural Approach (Pennsic 2015), almost completely redone for Aethelmearc AEcademy, fall 2015 – taught! will post the handout
  3. Script: Two Masters of One Servant (Performed 2010 @ Pennsic, iGenesii)
  4. Script: A Measure of a Man (Performed 2011 @ Pennsic iGenesii)
  5. Script: A Juicy Bit of Gospel (2012)
  6. Script: My Undead Concubine (Performed 2012 on the Pennsic Stage, iGenesii)
  7. Script: Oh Capitano, My Capitano (Performed 2013 on the Pennsic Stage, iGenesii)
  8. Script: A Family Affair (Performed 2014 on the Pennsic Stage, IGenesii)
  9. Script: The Power of Negative Thinking (Performed 2014 on the Pennsic Stage,  Commedia All Stars
    1. (Performers from the East, Middle, Kingdrom as well as Atlantia, 6 different Comedia troups represented)
  10. Script: A Sausage Wedding (Performed 2014 War of the Wings, Performed by iFirenzi Kingdom of Atlantia)
  11. Script: A Prestige Class (Performed 2015 on the Pennsic Stage, IGenesii)
  12. Script: A Long Lost Treasure (Performed 2015 on the Pennsic Stage, Commedia All Stars)
    1. Scenario for the War of the Wings  2014vShow for iFerenzi (Atlantia Commedia dell’arte troup)
    2. Putting together material for Commedia Camp (Albany, NY 2015)
      • Putting together material for Commedia Camp (Albany, NY 2015)
    3. Scenario: 2015 War of the Wings Show for iFirenzi (Atlantia Commedia dell’arte troup)
    4. Fractured fairy tales  2015 scenario “mirror, mirror”


  1. Non Period Day of the Dead Skull Cookie (played with various doughs to see what stamping techniques will work, especially for gluten free cookies)
  2.  Made Springerly Cookie for BMDL 12th night cookie competition (2015)
    1. won his Majesty’s Favorite Cookie
  3.  Made Gluten Free, Nut Free, Lactose Free Chocolate Chip Cookie for BMDL 12th night cookie competition (2015)
    1. won her Excellent Favorite Cooke
  4. Period Plausable stamped cookies for the BMDL Reception (Pennsic 2015)
    1. Gluten Free Minced Meat Cookies

Fiber Arts

  1. Restored Great Wheel to working condition.  working on learning period spinning techniques, long draw.


It has been Luceta’s goal to teach a new class or write a new play every year.

  1. Baba Yaga Class (Fall Acadamy Aethelmearc2004, Pennsic 2005-2015 )
    1. ( Retaught at Dun Or Anniversary, Caid by -Hallr brjost Starsson (Joseph Belcher) 2015)
  2. Byliny (Pennsic 2006) – Epic Russian Legends. Taught again at Sunderoak A&S night on 1/4/16, handout posted.
  3. Pagan Beliefs in Ancient Russia (Pennsic 2006-2008, 2012-2014)
    1. ( Retaught at Dun Or Anniversary, Caid by -Hallr brjost Starsson (Joseph Belcher) 2015)
  4. Foxes and Fairies (Pennsic 2007-2009)
  5. Elizabethan Fairies (Pennsic 2006, 2009)
  6. Vampires, separating fiction from fiction (The difference between period beliefs and modern myths) (Pennsic 2007-2009, 2011)
  7. Werewolves (The difference between period beliefs and modern myths)  (2007, 2008, 2012-2014)
  8. The Gratetful Dead (2008)
  9. How to Teach Folklore & Mythology in the SCA (Pennsic 2013)
  10. The Fairytale and Legend Workshop, how to make period plausible stories (Pennsic 2008-2015)
  11. Decoding Russian Embroidery(Pennsic 2012-2014)
    1. ( Retaught at Dun Or Anniversary, Caid by -Hallr brjost Starsson (Joseph Belcher) 2015)
  12. Looked into St. Muerte ,  determined there isn’t enough period material to put together a class. Danse Macabre is potentially a good topic, though  (2014-2015)* in progress*
  13. Introduction to Commedia dell’Arte
  14. Constructing Commedia dell’Arte Scenarios (AEthelmarc AEcademy fall 2015)


Things Being Done

  1. Proposal for Complete Anachronist on Commedia dell’arte has been accepted
    1. 38/50 done, need to contact potential authors for volume 2.
    2. as of 1/15, proposals for both volumes accepted!
  2. Project Blinken: Bought a fleece from late period/ colonial as was able (Border Lester), and am working on learning period long draw spinning techniques on a great wheel.
    1. Fleece washed, picked, carded, and being spun currently.
    2. Blinken was the name of the sheep the wool came from
  3. Trying to make period plausible cookies- Pryaniky (Russian, stamped, ginger bread type cookies.  rye and honey based).
  4. getting in touch with M. Huon re: springerles

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